Monday, April 25, 2011

Relax, It's Still Cool To Beat Up White Folks

Most people are aware by now of a beating of what has been revealed was a transgendered woman at a McDonalds in Baltimore. Now comes word that the police and prosecutors are looking into charging the two women involved with a hate crime. No, not because the attack was black on white but rather because the victim was transgender.

You see white folks ain't on a protected list so it is still open season on them. Do you see the flaw in these so-called hate crime laws?

In Atlanta they had a gang of about 20 youths, all black, attack two Delta employees aboard the commuter train. While little is known about the victims this is not being classified as a hate crime.

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Toejam said...

I was watching the "Hannity" show on FoxNews tonight. He had a white female lawyer and a black female lawyer debating whether this was a "black-on-white" hate crime.

Basically the black female lawyer said it was no big deal and the horrific bashing of this person would, in New York City" result in a mere minor misdemeanor assault.

You could smell the bias, but it gets a pass because it wasn't a reverse bashing. If some whites had assaulted a black Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the entire Black panther army would be calling for the "death penalty"!