Monday, April 25, 2011

Chris Matthews Hangs Himself Out to Dry

Speaking of Tingles, I'm sure JWF won't mind if I pile on here with a hilarious clip from yesterday's "Chris Matthews Show" - an actual TV show that usually airs on Sunday mornings. Of course, it is routinely beaten in the ratings by infomercials, televangelists, and test patterns, so you've probably never seen it or even heard of it.

Watch as Matthews utterly exposes his ignorance and/or shameless partisan hackery by asserting that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was actually a closer friend to Bill Clinton than he was to George W. Bush.

Say what?

Not even Matthews' hand-picked panel of liberal sycophants could bail him out on this one. For a guy who talks politics for a living, this is a cringe-worthy display.

Via Newsbusters.

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rich b said...

Chrissie must have forgotten his Ritalin that morning. He tends to get confused when that happens.