Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Full Video: Man-Child POTUS Easily Miffed By Texas Reporter's Mildly Skeptical Questions

This is the full, unedited video of President Obama's interview yesterday with Dallas-Forth TV reporter Brad Watson.

It's worth watching, because it shows just how thin-skinned Obama really is.

At the conclusion of the interview, Obama testily whispers to Watson: "Let me finish my questions." (Obviously he meant "answers"; dude was rattled!) Yet Watson can hardly be described as combative or even confrontational here; in fact, he's quite cordial and gives Obama more than ample time to filibuster respond to each question. Only twice by my count does Watson interject - once when Obama makes a pathetic attempt to sugarcoat his 2008 margin of loss in Texas, and again with about 1:15 left in the clip.

All in all, Obama does about 95% of the talking during this interview. So what's his beef?

Every GOP candidate thinking of running should be watching this and licking their chops to devour this cream puff in a debate.

h/t: Melissa Clouthier.


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Toejam said...

The uber-douche is sitting on the "left".........Isn't that appropriate!