Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wonkette Creep Suddenly Concerned About Journalistic Ethics

A week after becoming an Internet pariah for his disgusting treatment of Trig Palin, lowlife Jack Stuef takes ABC News to task for their coverage of Gabrielle Giffords.

HAHA, NICE TRY, STAFF MEMBERS WHO GOT SHOT AND WORK FOR A PERSON WHO GOT SHOT! You thought news organizations would be respectful enough of this tragedy to not try to stick their cameras under the things you used to cover her face? WRONG! ABC News has no such scruples! Journalism!

Ugh, but isn’t it annoying ABC News’ photog spies had to shoot this photo from so far away? We want to see what clothes this recovering shooting victim is wearing! Tell us, ABC News, is Giffords’ outfit a hit, or is it a fashion faux pas?! What do you think an elected official recovering from the hole shot into her brain should wear when she’s watching her husband’s shuttle launch, fashion experts? And more importantly, where are the upskirt photos?! We want to see what her vagina looks like!


The commenters there have apparently learned little.
In a way this is at least consistent, on the part of the press. Ever since the invention of Sarah Palin, the media has begun to cover random mental patients, frauds, and imbeciles as if they were real policy experts who have political relevance. Now here we have an example of the media covering a real politician as if she was some random coked-up celebutards, or the chubby charity-grifting daughter of a snowbilly grifter. Its an homage, really, that Gabby is now getting the same treatment the press used to reserve for people like Princess Dianna, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and festering pile of shit Donald Trump.


MJ Stevenson said...

I don't know how any of my fellow right-bloggers can even stand to go over to Wonkette to see what those freaks are writing about at all. You must have a really strong stomach, JWF! ;)
People care about Gabrielle Giffords, her near miraculous recovery is uplifting news. She is up and walking and was able to go see her husband lift off for outer space, that is wonderful happy news! What is wrong with sharing that? It's not like they were all up in her face or anything, why are the leftards screaming? Oh never mind, they are always screaming, aren't they?

Jon1979 said...

I'm just surprised Stuef didn't claim Sarah Palin made ABC shoot that picture.