Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liberals Finally Admitting Death Panels Exist

Cynthia Tucker, the Maureen Dowd of the south, in her column today admits that death panels will be fact of life under Obamacare.
This morning, my colleague Jay Bookman had a very thoughtful post on why rationing health care — “death panels,” if you will — is quite necessary. I wrote on a similar subject in my Sunday column.

If we keeping spending our health care dollars disproportionately on the elderly, we will have little left to spend on children. That makes for an upside-down society that cannot thrive for long.

Of course in Cynthia's world there will also be fewer children since she is also a passionate supporter of Planned Parenthood. It seems the liberals whole agenda is to place the human species on the Endangered Species List right along with polar bears.

Back in August of 2009 Ms Tucker of course called Sarah Palin's claim of death panels as a lie.
The Anchorage Daily News reported that Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski spoke at a public policy forum in Anchorage yesterday, where she rebuked the “deathers,” such as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who have insisted that “death panels” would be created to decide whether to euthanize the elderly and the handicapped.

And once again here she called it a lie.

Politifact judged the term death panels to be the lie of the year in 2009.

Well gee Cynthia somebody was lying.

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