Friday, April 29, 2011

Khadafy Unveils Special Forces

Seems so long ago when our kinetic military action was going to finish off Moammar Khadafy in a week or so. But our fearless Commander-in-Chief has moved on to more pressing concerns, like sitting down for Oprah and marathon fundraising efforts. Now we can't even defeat old ladies and teenagers.
A desperate Moammar Khadafy is reduced to training grannies to fight for him.

The Libyan leader's regime boasted in a propaganda show that it has drilled hundreds of retirees, including old women, and teens as young as 15 to use weapons and form a civilian army in case NATO ground forces invade Libya.

Western reporters on a government tour of the Tarhouna camp, near Tripoli, Wednesday saw schoolboys fire Kalashnikov rifles into the air and gray-haired men handle a grenade launcher.

Abdel Monem al-Muftah, who oversees the Tarhouna training, said about 200 people have been trained at each of 15 sites, ranging in age from 18 to 70.

"We want to fight the Americans, the British, the French," said a woman who gave her name only as Fatima.

High-school student Sanna Kanouni, 16, said she was learning how to handle a rifle to repel the "barbarian, colonial, Crusader aggression."

The hastily arranged press show appeared designed to rally support for the regime and back government claims that thousands of Libyans have been given rifles to defend against NATO.

In another outrage, Khadafy loyalists are increasingly using rape as a weapon -- and some have been issued Viagra, diplomats at the United Nations were told.

Several diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya said US Ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue.

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Rocketman said...

Their homeland is being attacked by Christian Anglos.
More power to 'em.
It's NONE of America's (or anyone else's) business anyhow.