Thursday, April 28, 2011

So How Was Your Night?

For many of us in the south our night was spent being serenaded by tornado sirens while being dazzled by the light show being put on by Mother Nature.

And we were the lucky ones. For many of my neighbors, dawn couldn't come soon enough and most of us didn't get a lot of sleep. What separated Georgia from Alabama, besides the level of destruction, is that by the time the storms got here the sun had set. A tornado could have set down and nobody would see it. Just hear it.

Here is some video of a town just to the north of me called Ringgold.

There is another town, Trenton, GA that folks are still trying to find this morning. Eyewitnesses can only say it is gone. The fact that the loss of life in the northwest corner of Georgia so far has been low is incredible, but with all the reports of the devastation we expect that to rise through the day.

How bad was it? Because of the darkness while radar could track the storms the only way meteorologists had of telling if a possible tornado had set down was by tracking what they called 'debris balls' on the radar.

But the sun did rise today, and the people around these parts will roll up their sleeves and get to work helping their neighbors and we will make this right. There will probably be little coverage cause you just won't find victims. You find survivors.

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