Friday, April 29, 2011

Emmy Award Winning Editor Lies, Journalistic Integrity Dies

He has won eight Emmy's, is the editor-in-chief of a weekly publication geared towards the African-American community, a staunch Democrat supporter and master of playing 5 card Hold 'Em race poker.

Oh yeah, and he lies about being assaulted at a metro Atlanta commuter station in an attempt to ratchet up pressure against the so-called rapid transit system.
Longtime Atlanta broadcaster Maynard Eaton has retracted comments made last Friday about an alleged attempted robbery at the Peachtree Center MARTA station.

Eaton had told the AJC he tumbled down an escalator after a group of young men tried to steal his laptop. The AJC used Eaton's account as part of a story on MARTA safety. On Tuesday Eaton left a voicemail with the newspaper saying, "I made some comments about MARTA ... that I’d like to retract. I simply fell and hurt my own self."

According to an incident report provided by MARTA, Eaton told the officer he "missed a step" on the escalator, causing him to fall. The officer wrote that Eaton was intoxicated.
All the news that's fit fabricated to be news.

Jeez, isn't it nice that bloggers don't have to live up to that whole journalistic integrity thing?

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