Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Delusional Bloomberg: GOP Should Stand Behind Obama

Has this guy been sniffing glue or something?
Even the Republican candidates lining up to topple President Obama next year should be supporting him now for the good of the country, according to Mayor Bloomberg.

"We should be behind this president even if you're a candiate who's going to run against him -- which I am not," Bloomberg said in a taped interview with PBS' Tavis Smiley in taking bi-partisanship to its highest level.
Considering how gracious Obama has been towards Republicans it's really so unfair of them to even think about running against him. Strange, but I don't recall the mini-mayor calling for Democrats to stand behind George W. Bush. Must have missed that proclamation.

Oh, and hanks for the reminder you're not running for president. It must have been a couple of weeks now since we heard you claim you're not running.

Let's not forget this craven opportunist changed from Democrat to Republican so he could run for mayor, then later abandoned the GOP and became an independent.


Narco Man said...

Sniffing glue? Only if its tax free.

JDubya said...

Silly Jammie Wearing Fool...

Bloomburg sniff not glue, but anuses...

Not onward!

MJ Stevenson said...

And let's not forget that after the people of NYC voted TWICE against removing term limits, but he went and got rid of them anyway so he could remain for a third term (and God only knows how many more) and the corrupt & inept City Council members aslso could stay indefinitely.