Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama Celebrates Earth Day by Flying Across the Country

He's been on a fundraising blitz out west, racking up massive mileage and leaving the folks in Los Angeles idling in traffic. Today he flies across the country on your dime, but not before lecturing us.
President Obama said Friday that the United States can lead the world in tackling of climate change by investing in clean energy technology.

“The United States can be a leader in reducing the dangerous pollution that causes global warming and can propel these advances by investing in the clean energy technologies, markets, and practices that will empower us to win the future,” Obama, noting that climate change is a “major global environmental challenge,” said in an Earth Day proclamation.

Obama said addressing climate change “requires international leadership,” but he also stressed that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced with action at the local level.

“Every American deserves the cleanest air, the safest water, and unpolluted land, and each person can take steps to protect those precious resources,” Obama said. “When we reduce environmental hazards, especially in our most overburdened and polluted cities and neighborhoods, we prioritize the health of our families, and move towards building the clean energy economy of the 21st century.”
Maybe instead of polluting the air jetting around to pick up money he should go via the choo-choo trains he loves so much.

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