Thursday, April 21, 2011

'I'm Just Not Ready to Have My Wealth Redistributed'

It's not as if famed New York restaurateur Jerry Della Femina suddenly realized Barack Obama had wealth redistribution on his mind. Della Femina saw this coming three years ago, as many others did.
Legendary ad man Jerry Della Femina blames President Obama for having to sell his Hamptons restaurant. In a column for the East Hampton Independent, the inspiration behind the "Mad Men" series says that in 2008, he "decided that this country was falling in love with an attractive, great-speechmaking hustler/socialist" and that he was "dropping out" and would sell off "my houses, my advertising business, my newspaper and my restaurant." Della Femina sealed a deal this week to sell his Hamptons eatery to the owners of the Houston's chain. He writes, "I'm just not ready to have my wealth redistributed. I'm not ready to pay more tax money than the next guy because I provide jobs and because I work a 60-hour week and I earn more than $250,000 a year." He also told The Post's Selim Algar, "I truly believe we are headed for disaster. I'm going into gold and silver."
Gold seems like a smart investment these days. Obama sure as hell doesn't. He's not the only Hamptons resident feeling jittery.

Meanwhile, at leasat one online participant managed to get a zinger in on Obama during his Facebook campaign stop Wednesday.
Obama himself used tough talk when a questioner asked about the "bold or brave" 2012 budget passed by House Republicans.

"I guess you could call that bold," Obama shot back. "I would call it shortsighted." That terse presidential reply prompted an online rebuttal from participant Brian Kennedy, who wrote: "But Obama has no proposal. Just platitudes."
And even those platitudes have grown stale.

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