Monday, April 25, 2011

Newsflash: Rachel Maddow 'The Top US News Anchor', MSNBC Has 'No Political Agenda'

Calling someone from MSNBC the "top" anything is certainly news to us.
"I'm not a screamer," she agrees after the show during a chat in her office, her legs curled up underneath her, and contacts swapped for heavy-framed geekish glasses. "I'm confrontational, but I don't think that translates into anger." What it translates into is ratings. In the first quarter of this year, Maddow's ratings were 26% higher than CNN's talkshow in the same timeslot (1,065,000 to 848,000), which, incidentally, is hosted by Piers Morgan.
I guess they simply have to pretend Fox News doesn't exist in order to buttress the claim she's the "top news anchor in the US," something obviously not supported by the ratings.

Another howler:
Of Fox News, she says simply "When it starts to seem like you have popped into bed with a specific party, it makes it difficult for people to believe you are not doing someone else's bidding for them."

At MSNBC, on the other hand, "there are people here who are identified as liberals, but there is no political agenda".
Really? I guess if you lie to yourself enough you begin to believe it.


uncledan said...

It's time for Drudge to drop another ratings list to put Rachel "The Snarl" Maddow's ratings into perspective.

roux said...

She's obviously on some sort of drugs, legal or not she's stoned.

david djman114 said...

This is from the Guardian, which is examining the Wikileaks without finding any information injurious to Al Qaeda, or the BBC, just revealed to be an AQ resource via its Pashto News Service.   That would be journalism, something the Guardian doesn't have much experience with.    Indeed, any attempt to be objective at the Guardian will get you sent packing within weeks.   I worked on a British newspaper for a year and the Guardian, Independent, and the New Statesman are considered marxist toddler gruel.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "top" in gay lingo or something lol