Friday, April 22, 2011

USMC Reputation Completely Ruined

I have nothing but the utmost respect *snicker* *snort* for the United States Marine Corps, but it would appear that an organization which for over 200 years has defeated every enemy they have ever faced may have finally been done in by a blonde bimbo best known for her quickie marriages and even quicker divorces.

Oh, it is too early in the morning to have coffee coming out of your nose.

Of course the bad guys can't shoot at you when they are rolling on the ground holding their sides with tears streaming out of their eyes. On the other hand, they may finally be convinced that the Marines are truly batsh*t crazy and it's best to leave them alone.


VaGal said...

LOL!!  Who knew they were brave AND entertaining?  God bless them all. 

James Hlavac said...

You may be surprised, or not, to learn that this video is all over the blogosphere with a gay tinge, precisely as a great homage to brave men and women trying to survive in brutal conditions and make the best of it. True American-ness; the comments with nothing but praise for the troops. These performers gained a lot of respect from gay folks, that's for sure. They are our heroes for doing what they do as soldiers, and for making this video. I'm sure it'll be shown in every gay bar in the nation within the week -- for we are a patriotic bunch. With an eye for few good men. And the blond bimbo is sort of popular also.

Though, I can report, Obama is losing support among my friends rapidly. Have you seen the gas prices?

rich b said...

God bless the USMC and all our Men and Women in far away places wherever they are but for a minute I thought I was watching Village People spoof.

Britney Spears just doesn't do it for me no matter whatever she's singing. Her voice always makes her sound like she's getting strangled/choked in her videos. Whatever or whoever inspired this musical cut, here's to the Men and Women in the vid and hoping they stay safe.