Monday, April 25, 2011

Shock Poll: Extremist Teabagger Californians Want Givebacks From Public Employees

As the state of California crumbles under the weight of massive deficits and uncontrolled spending, a stunning poll reveals these wild-eyed extremists actually think it's time for public employee unions to start giving up some of their lavish benefits. To use Democrat-speak, it's time for them to give their fair share.
California voters want government employees to give up some retirement benefits to help ease the state's financial problems, favoring a cap on pensions and a later age for collecting them, according to a new poll.

Voter support for rolling back benefits available to few outside the public sector comes as Gov. Jerry Brown and Republicans in the Legislature haggle over changes to the pension system as part of state budget negotiations. Such benefits have been a flashpoint of national debate this year, and the poll shows that Californians are among those who perceive public retirement plans to be too costly.

Voters appear ready to embrace changes not just for future hires but also for current employees who have been promised the benefits under contract.

Seventy percent of respondents said they supported a cap on pensions for current and future public employees. Nearly as many, 68%, approved of raising the amount of money government workers should be required to contribute to their retirement. Increasing the age at which government employees may collect pensions was favored by 52%.

Although pension costs today account for just a fraction of the state budget, they are putting local governments under considerable financial strain, and analysts say effects on the state may not be far off.

"It's pretty clear that there's broad support for making changes in the area of pensions," said Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, who co-directed the bipartisan poll for The Times and the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
So a Democrat-run poll in a Democrat state says it's time for these greedy unions to give something back.

Go figure.
"It's just gotten way out of hand," said Beverly Marcelja, a 67-year old Democrat and retiree living in Tracy, in the Central Valley.
Let the head-scratching begin.
"It's one thing for Republican governors in Wisconsin and Indiana to support these types of changes, but seeing this type of support from California voters, even California Democrats, is really remarkable," said Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC and a former GOP strategist.
Indeed. But let's not get too excited. It appears a majority are OK with tax hikes, or at least a special election to decide on whether to increase taxes.


Jennifer Lopez said...

Most DEMOCRAT voters in California want reforms as well.

Turns out the Tea Party is a big tent.

harkin b said...

I love the comment from the rep of the CA Labor Federation who says the public is having a 'moment of envy'.  Earth to corrupt pol, it's not envy pal it's the realization that the democratic party has bought votes for years with an unending cycle of luxury benefit/retirement packages that is breaking the backs of taxpayers while at the same time taking money away from the things that government should be doing regarding infrastructure and public offices.  The more you expose these cockroaches and how they have no clue on how to balance a budget or live within their means, the worse it makes them look.  All they have left now is class warfare but they can't admit that public employees have also created a preffered class for themselves.