Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cable Clown Who Nobody Misses to Return in June

In a move sure to please hundreds, cable nonentity Keith Olbermann will return to the airwaves on an obscure channel starting June 20. In a a nod to his creativity, the show will be called Countdown With Keith Olbermann. That sounds so familiar.
Keith Olbermann formally announced the start date and the name for his new program on Current TV Tuesday – and it sounds a lot like the old program on MSNBC.

At least the title and the location on the prime-time schedule do. In a presentation on his Web site, FOK News Channel, Mr. Olbermann declared, with some fanfare, that the new show will be called “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” just as his previous show on MSNBC was, and it will begin on June 20 at his old time of 8 p.m. eastern.

If expropriating the title was not enough of a tweak to his former employers at MSNBC, in the video of his announcement on the website (FOK stands for “Friends of Keith” but is also an obvious play on his old rivalry with the Fox News Channel,) Mr. Olbermann also declared that this show, which he several times labeled a “newscast,” will be a place where “journalistic integrity and analytical honesty would never be compromised by corporate synergy.”

An MSNBC spokesman said the network would not comment on Mr. Olbermann’s decision to import the “Countdown” title.

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JDubya said...

"Countdown" with Keith...sounds so original...so...dare I say...Zesty!

How long before this douche-tard electric, eclectic enema dispensary of partial man finally gets his day in the sun?