Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ron Paul Morons Manipulating Digg

Which is probably why they're reduced to lame stunts like this.
There are rumors of Ron Paul supporters manipulating Digg. I’ve got the names and the evidence.

A funny thing happened last month. I wrote a blog post about the history of as part of my study of the social bookmarking site. Normally when posting, my entries receive little to no response on Digg, which is fine since it’s hardly viral stuff. When I posted the “history” blog, however, I received a whopping 17 diggs, a number I had never reached with this blog before.

Realizing that something must be up, I did a little investigating. To my surprise, the majority of people that dugg my post were supporters of Republican Congressman from Texas Ron Paul, a Libertarian and presidential candidate.

When I say “Ron Paul supporters,” I mean that these people ONLY digg stories about Ron Paul, and many of them don’t read the actual content of submissions. My “history” post had Ron Paul’s name in the title (Digg Dirt: From the Digg Army to Ron Paul) but had only the minutest mention of him in the article – I referenced how a push from Digg may have resulted in him getting on the Daily show. The piece itself had NOTHING to do with Ron Paul!
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UPDATE 7/5/07: Thank you, Ron Paul Morons, for proving the case of the author linked above. This post has generated over 350 Diggs.

Please keep the insults coming.

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