Thursday, September 27, 2007

AP Poll Claims Blacks and Whites "Polarized" Over O.J.

Another worthless poll spun by the Associated Press to create racial division.
WASHINGTON - The nation is sharply polarized over O.J. Simpson's armed robbery case, with whites far likelier than blacks to say the former football great is guilty of the charges and is being treated fairly, according to a poll released Thursday.

By 70 percent to 10 percent, whites said they believe the charges against Simpson are true, according to the Associated Press-Ipsos poll. Blacks were far more divided, though still tilting slightly toward believing he is guilty, 41 percent to 37 percent.

About three-quarters of whites said they believe Simpson has been treated fairly by the Las Vegas authorities who arrested him earlier this month on charges of seizing sports memorabilia items at gunpoint from two men in a hotel room. By about the same number, whites also said they think Simpson will receive a fair trial.
So majorities of both blacks and whites think Simpson is guilty, but since a greater majority of whites believe so, there's a great racial division?

Seems to be the "sharp divide" is amongst blacks themselves.

But I guess a headline reading "Poll: Simpson divides whites, blacks" is preferable at AP rather than one that reads "Poll: Simpson divides blacks".

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