Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush the "New Saddam"

Wow, this is really creative. I guess they're getting their inspiration from kook lefty bloggers.

On the upside, they didn't dress him up as Hitler, though I'm sure the editorial board labored over that decision.

How George Bush became the new Saddam

It's a long article, and I'll give the author credit for at least going to Iraq. Still, preconceived notions are carved in stone and no amount of progress would ever suffice to report anything positive.

But hey, they get to play with Photoshop and make Bush look bad, and isn't that all that matters?
During the congressional hearings about the surge, I kept thinking of Tattoo on Fantasy Island, half expecting Ambassador Crocker to tug on Gen. Petraeus’s sleeve and say, “Look, boss, da plane.” Smiles, everyone, smiles! Sometimes I think Iraq doesn’t exist at all. It’s just a series of preconceptions, a country invented to keep the West’s intelligentsia busy arguing and pontificating, fighting over facts about a place that is so clearly a work of fiction. Frankly, I wish it didn’t exist, at least for the sake of Iraqis. First Saddam, now this.
UPDATE: More from Jules Crittenden, Michelle Malkin.

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