Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hsu Will Be Charged With Operating Pyramid Scheme

More bad news for The Pantsuit. Her chief fundraiser is about to be slapped with federal charges. I doubt she'll be yukking it up much today.

Norman Hsu Faces Charges Tied to Democratic Fund-Raising
Federal officials are expected to bring a criminal case against Norman Hsu today, charging the Democratic super-donor with operating a $60 million pyramid scheme and violating campaign-finance laws.

The case, to be announced this afternoon by the U.S. attorney's office in the Southern District of New York, encompasses complaints by investors who gave tens of millions of dollars to Mr. Hsu, who said he was putting the money into a lucrative apparel operation. It also is expected to charge Mr. Hsu with crimes relating to his legendary fund-raising.

A lawyer and a spokesman for Mr. Hsu did not immediately return calls for comment this morning.

The case comes several weeks after a Wall Street Journal story called attention to Mr. Hsu's suspicious fund-raising activities. The story focused on a house near San Francisco airport that Mr. Hsu once listed as his address. A family currently living in the home, the Paws, gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, often in the same increments and on the same dates as with Mr. Hsu.
Meanwhile, Hot Air notes another possible shady fundraiser.

It would really be nice if someone in the media questioned her about this.

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