Friday, September 28, 2007

Shocker: NJ Democrat Indicted

Don't worry, I'm sure there's another Democrat to replace him.

In another stunning development, it only took three paragraphs for the AP to mention his party affiliation.

That now makes 8,467 elected Democrats indicted in New Jersey since last week.

NJ mayor indicted on corruption charges
NEWARK, N.J. - A town's mayor and his wife surrendered to the FBI on Friday and were charged with diverting campaign funds and taking cash in exchange for aiding a bar owner.

David Delle Donna, mayor of Guttenberg, is the latest of several New Jersey mayors to face charges in recent years in a state plagued by government corruption [ed. -- all of if it Democrats, of course]. Mayors of Asbury Park, Camden, Hoboken and Paterson have been sent to prison. The former longtime mayor of Newark, the state's largest city, is under indictment.

Delle Donna, 49, a Democrat who has been mayor since 2002, and his wife, Anna, 58, were arrested at the FBI office in Newark, federal prosecutors said. Anna Delle Donna has been a member of the town's planning board since 2002.
OK, I exaggerated a bit earlier, but this is just the latest in a long line of indicted Democrat public officials recently. Still, the people in this state keep electing these criminals.
Eleven public officials were arrested Sept. 5, including two state legislators, two mayors and three city councilmen. They were charged with taking money to influence who received public contracts, according to federal criminal complaints.

In July, former Newark Mayor Sharpe James was indicted. James, who remains a Democratic state senator, is accused of using city-issued credit cards to pay for personal trips and expenses while mayor.

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