Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Journalistic Trainwreck in Oklahoma

The recent flap in Oklahoma between football coach Mike Gundy and Oklahoma reporter Jeni Carlson is a perfect example of what is wrong with journalism today. For those unfamiliar with the story Carlson wrote an article about the benching of OSU QB Bobby Reid.

In the article, Carlson questioned Reid's heart and toughness, citing as an example that he ate a sandwich with his mother by the team bus. She also questioned whether or not he was seriously injured enough to sit out certain games, again questioning Reid's heart.

Coach Gundy responded in the above video.

So today Carlson responds with a column defending her original article and saying that she stands by her original story and sources, and pointing fingers at Gundy for not pointing out where she was wrong about the injuries.

But there is one big problem with this defense by Carlson, and if she were a competent journalist, she would know it.

First, a careful reading of her original article shows that she cited no sources. Cute.

Second, if Carlson were a competent reporter, she would know that HIPPA laws make the injury information mostly confidential, so the coaches can not talk about it a whole lot anymore. Regardless, she goes after the coach in her column for not pointing out where she is wrong about the injuries.

Again, very cute.

So what we have here, is a reporter hiding behind unidentified sources to do a slam job on a 21-year-old amateur athlete, claiming he jaked it with injuries and all based upon the fact that the QB had a sandwich with his mother.

Well Ms. Carlson, my own mother died 19 years ago and I wish every day that I could still have a sandwich with her for just a few minutes. How dare you question this young man's heart for spending a few minutes with his mother while he still has the chance in life to do so. He has much more heart than you will certainly ever show.

You, Ms. Carlson, are nothing but a sleazy cheap shot artist and a good example of what is wrong with journalism today.

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