Thursday, September 20, 2007

IAEA Springs Into Action, Passes Nuclear Resolution ... Against Israel

Little Mahmoud will laugh his way down to Ground Zero after getting this news.

Islamic nations secure IAEA vote against Israel
VIENNA (Reuters) - Islamic nations, targeting Israel's undeclared nuclear arsenal, pushed through a U.N. atomic watchdog resolution on Thursday urging all Middle East nations to renounce atomic weapons.

The vote was 53-2 but with 47 abstentions by Western and developing states, highlighting reservations that the resolution politicized the International Atomic Energy Agency's work.

The decision was non-binding, but symbolized entrenched tensions over Israel's presumed nuclear might and shook the traditional consensus culture in the Vienna-based IAEA.

A similar measure calling on all Middle East nations to adopt IAEA safeguards on nuclear work passed overwhelmingly at last year's IAEA general assembly, with only the United States and Israel opposed, as they were again on Thursday.
Of course, this is entirely meaningless, but it reinforces the rank anti-Semitism of so many nations that turn a blind eye to the behavior of countries that refuse to even recognize Israel.
The only EU nation to vote for the resolution was staunchly anti-nuclear, neutral Ireland. China, India, Russia and Japan also voted yes, as did U.S. foes Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

Similar resolutions floated each year at the IAEA assembly since 1991 stalled every time in committee until last year when resentment surged over Israel's devastation of south Lebanon in a month-long war with Hizbollah guerrillas there.
UPDATE: More from Carl in Jerusalem.

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