Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Navy to Modify "Swastika" Barracks on Coronado

It's not clear whether this was some kind of practical joke back in the 1960's, but it sure doesn't look good leaving it this way for forty years.

No doubt our friends on the left will find an eerie parallel between this building design and some nefarious neocons.

Navy to alter swastika-shaped barracks
CORONADO, Calif. - The Navy will spend as much as $600,000 to modify a 40-year-old barracks complex that resembles a swastika from the air, a gaffe that went largely unnoticed before satellite images became easily accessible on the Internet.

The Navy said officials noted the buildings' shape after the groundbreaking in 1967 but decided against changing it at the time because it wasn't obvious from the ground. Aerial photos made available on Google Earth in recent years have since revealed the buildings' shape to a wide audience.

The Navy approved the money to change the walkways, landscaping and rooftop solar panels of the four L-shaped barracks, used by members of the Naval Construction Force at the Navy's amphibious base at Coronado, near San Diego.

"We don't want to be associated with something as symbolic and hateful as a swastika," Scott Sutherland, deputy public affairs officer for Navy Region Southwest, told the Los Angeles Times.
H/T on the photo to Ringo.

Fastest Update Ever: Thanks again to Ringo for this gem. It's the Illuminati!
The Illuminati get their rocks off on hiding their symbols in plain sight - they've done so for thousands of years - the pyramid on the dollar bill, the obelisk at the site of the Kennedy killing, the many pentagrams hidden in the design of Washington DC, the new glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre (constructed out of 666 panes of gold plated glass), the Statue of Liberty (in actuality the ancient Babylonian deity, and secret masonic symbol - Queen Sumerimus - we are told that the Statue of Liberty means freedom, but deep in our ancient mind at the subconscious level, it means obedience) all of these messages are there to proclaim that they, this illuminati are present everywhere, yet invisible to the unknowing eye.

This secret control and manipulation of these powerful ancient symbols is one of the great strengths of the illuminati - they understand how these symbols work on a subconscious level - this is the secret knowledge that they keep at the core of their systems of human control - at the apex of THEIR knowledge - it's about one thing - human control.

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