Saturday, September 22, 2007

Muslims, Christians Brawl in Egypt

Seems the Day of Peace didn't have any lingering effects.

Apparently, Muslims in Egypt can't handle their women commingling with Christians.

Maybe if they weren't so pissed off all the time, they too could get a little action.

Nine injured, 25 held after Egypt sectarian brawl
Nine people were injured in a brawl between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria, police sources said on Saturday. Twenty five people were detained.

The fighting began late on Friday after a group of Muslim youths exchanged words with a Christian man taking a Muslim woman into his flat in the Sidi Bishr district, they said.

The two sides, throwing stones and bottles, called in reinforcements. The fighting disrupted traffic and six cars were damaged by projectiles, the sources said.

Eight of the detainees are Muslims and 17 are Christians, all of them local people.

Relations are generally good between Egyptian Muslims and the Christian minority, which accounts for up to 10 percent of the population. But disputes over young women and building churches sometimes lead to sectarian violence.

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