Monday, September 24, 2007

Swarthy Munchkin May Still Visit Ground Zero

I still have a hunch the hairy little freak is going to try and pull some stunt and sneak down to Ground Zero.

If not, this may all be a clever diversion so his pal Hugo Chavez or some other oil tick can go desecrate the WTC site.

Put nothing past these people.
Ahmadinejad appeared surprised by the storm over the wreath-laying, telling CBS television: "Why should it be insulting?" He said he would not insist on visiting the site if city officials could not arrange it.

But foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini insisted a visit to Ground Zero was still on the itinerary.

"The visit to the site of the twin towers to pay tribute to the victims is part of president Ahmadinejad's program even if some people are trying to have it cancelled," he said.
Knowing this joker, by the "victims" of 9/11, he likely means the hijackers themselves.

More here on the freak's arrival, as well as this Fox report.

Michelle Malkin has Mahmoudapalooza. Also checking in are Sister Toldjah, Stacy McCain, Jules Crittenden, Don Surber, Atlas Shrugs, Stop the ACLU.

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