Friday, September 28, 2007

U.S. Combat Deaths in Iraq Continue to Plummet

I've noticed recently the ghoulish grim milestone updates of U.S. deaths in Iraq have mysteriously dried up since the number of fatalities continues to decline.

As we approach the end of the month, Reuters buries the latest number deep within this story, but still notes the total since March 2003 is now around 3,800, which historically is remarkably low for a war that has gone on well over four years.

This site tallies up the numbers by month, and it's easy to see the direction things are going.

May of this year had the highest casualty rate since April 2004, with 126. Since then, we've suffered 101 in June, 79 in July, 84 in August, and now 59 for September.

It's easy to see that since the troop surge began earlier this year, things have stabilized to a great degree and even the Democrat presidential candidates now admit we cannot just bug out of Iraq or there will be total carnage.

So let's see how many headlines this gets once the month is over.

No doubt whatever the final number is, it will probably get very little notice from the biased media.

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