Monday, September 24, 2007

Democrat Candidate: Let Ahmadinejad Visit Ground Zero

Granted, he's a fringe candidate, and apparently out of his mind. But when it comes time to pander to the real nutcases, what better place than to go to the Huffington Post?
But Ahmadinejad is Iran's elected head of state and by snubbing him, we snub the Iranian government and its people. Right now, such a snub is not only wrong-headed, it's dangerous.

Sadly, most politicians find it much easier to fall back on tough talk, phony moralism and warmongering rather than try to explain the complex reality of international relations. Bush, Bloomberg, Lieberman, and most of my fellow Democratic presidential candidates want you to think the world is divided between good and evil and they are on 'the side of angels.'

This political tactic was always disingenuous, but regarding Iran, it's now downright dangerous.
Naturally, the commenters are kvelling.
WilliamWallace (See profile | I'm a fan of WilliamWallace)
I fully agree with you, Sir. Sad to see another great diplomatic opportunity lost.

Colmore (See profile | I'm a fan of Colmore)
Why was Bush allowed to visit ground zero? After all, he ignored all the warnings ahead of time. NO IRANIANS were involved with 9/11, so why should their president be barred from visiting the site? After his 60 Minutes interview, I was impressed. This man is intelligent, and knowledgeable. He probably knows more about the US than Thompson. When is the US going to get a leader with intellectual ability like him? Log in | posted 11:37 am on 09/24/2007

criscokid (See profile | I'm a fan of criscokid)
I agree with you, Senator Gravel. However, since you are a presidential candidate why have you choose this forum to express your views, rather than a press conference using all of the talking points you have expressed here, and taking a leadership role by offering to escort Ahmadinejad to ground zero?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words.
Log in | posted 11:58 am on 09/24/2007
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