Friday, September 28, 2007

Climate Change "Threatens Equality"

Ah geez ... it is becoming very clear that the the Marxist moonbats have adopted "global warming" as the Trojan Horse they will use to spread communism, and the BBC can't wait to shill for them.

Equality 'threatened by climate'
Climate change is the "greatest long-term threat" to achieving global equality, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has told the United Nations.

Mr Miliband said although all countries were affected by climate change, the poorest people within the poorest countries would suffer the most
So we start out with the moonbat call of "women and poor hardest hit," then the crapola really flies:
Mr Miliband urged co-operation between nations to improve global equality and therefore stability and prosperity.

"Inequalities are not just morally offensive - they are dangerous.

"Inequality fuels extremism, it undermines support for an open, global economy, it corrodes trust and respect and reciprocity between nations," he told the assembly.

What really causes extremism is when Marxists confiscate private property in their quest for "equality of outcome." Let's take a look in the real world of how attempts for equality of outcome have worked out, shall we? I offer for your consideration:

*Soviet Union - Millions killed and imprisoned, economic train wreck in 1980's.

*Communist China - Millions killed and imprisoned, lack of economic growth until recent move toward free markets.

*Cuba - Imprisonment of dissenters and economic devastation.

*Zimbabwe - Imprisonment of dissenters and economic devastation including 7,600% inflation and people are eating their pets to avoid starvation as I write this.


You get the picture.

And the BBC shills for these morons every chance they get.

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