Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kos Kid Projecting: "Ahmadinejad would be an ideal Republican congressman"

How pathetic is this? For days now the Kos Kids have been smitten with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and maybe it's occuring to them they look really stupid, especially since the hairy munchkin basically spouts Democrat talking points everywhere he goes.

So what's the new strategery? Compare him with Republicans.


I live in the most Republican congressional district east of the Mississippi River -- the Alabama Sixth District. We haven't had a Democrat run for this seat since 2000 and we are unlikely to have one in 2008 either.

In fact, the only time the election here got interesting was when Roy Moore's lawyer ran against incumbent Rep. Spencer Bachus for the GOP nomination because he though Bachus was too liberal.

If Bachus is too liberal for some of my neighbors, then I have just the man for them -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He'd be the perfect Republican congressman.

1. Not only is he anti-gay, he is in total denial of the existence of gays. This is a huge step forward in Republican thought, which until now simply tried to assert that gays can be cured with intensive religious therapy. How much easier would it be to simply deny they exist? Poof!

2. He likes to build big-ass weapons, make threatening statements about other countries and tell the world community to fuck off. Sound like anyone else you know? Don't be surprised if he buys a ranch with a lot of brush in need of clearing to position himself for a future career in Texas politics.

3. He has fiddled while the economy of his country heads for collapse. His jobs record is even worse than Bush's. With a record like that he's GOP leadership material.

4. He tries to use 9/11 and the WTC site for political purposes. Can't you just see the TV campaign ads of Congressman Ahmadinejad laying a wreath at Ground Zero?

5. He believes that the end times are near. No need to worry about global warming if the whole planet is about to be fried by the wrath of God.

6. He is the ultimate family values guy -- they even stone adulterers in Iran.
It get's uglier, if you can believe it.

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