Friday, September 28, 2007

George Rodham $oro$ Goon Squads Attack Limbaugh

Stinging over the condemnation of their ad smearing General Petraeus, the leftwing hit squads have decided to quickly change the subject and concoct some phony nonscandals this week.

First, the George Rodham Soros-funded thugs went after Bill O'Reilly for his allegedly racist comments, and the media lapdogs ate up it.

Even more pathetic is the nonstory involving Rush Limbaugh, and they're absolutely foaming at the mouth.

Are they so stupid to think the Senate is actually going to condemn Rush for this?

Naturally, the pinhead Democrats, completely disregarding the facts, play right along with their masters, and even more ridiculous, they now have phony war hero John Kerry carrying water for them.

Truly pathetic.

John Hawkins and Dan Riehl weigh in to add a bit of sanity to this latest smear campaign. More also from Bryan at Hot Air.

UPDATE: Here's Rush at the top of his show today. Now maybe the media will find out who Jesse MacBeth is. Hillary and Soros' thugs conveniently omitted any reference to him.

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