Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Students Shot at Delaware State

We can only hope this doesn't turn into another massacre like Virginia Tech.

ABC Radio news just noted that Delaware State is the school where the kids murdered execution style in Newark last month attended and doesn't think it's related. Gee, ya think?

Two students shot at Delaware State University
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Two students were shot and wounded early on Friday on the Delaware State University campus and police were hunting for a sole gunman, the school said on its Web site.

The students at the Dover, Delaware, school were taken to a hospital, university spokesman Carlos Holmes said. A female student had "potentially life-threatening" injuries, and the male student was in "stable condition," he said.

Holmes said a male suspect was still at large and students have been instructed to stay in their dormitories.

The university canceled classes for the day and directed non-essential personnel not to report to work.

"We have directed the student population to stay in their dormitories for their own safety. If we see students out and about we are going to tell them to move inside," Holmes said.

He said the shooting occurred at 12:54 a.m. EDT and did not have any information about who the assailant was.

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