Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Militant Pakis Behead "U.S. Spies"

The religion of peace continues the savagery.

Why can't we have dialogue?

These are the same kind of people this nitwit wants to negotiate with.

Militants behead "U.S. spies" in Pakistan
Pro-Taliban militants have shot dead two men for allegedly spying for the United States in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region.

The militants slit the throat of 35-year-old Badshah Wazir and put him in a coffin near the village of Edik, while the bullet-riddled body of Maulvi Shamsuddin, 45, was found dumped in a desolate place in the Miran Shah area, an official said Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

The words "He was a top hypocrite and met the fate of hypocrites" were written on the coffin, while a note attached to Shamsuddin's body said: "This is the result of working for Americans," the official noted.

North Waziristan has been considered by US officials as the new international headquarters for Osama bin Laden's resurgent al-Qaeda network, allied with local pro-Taliban militants.
Reuters notes the beheading in the restive tribal region.
MIRANSHAH, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pro-Taliban militants beheaded two men in Pakistan's restive tribal region on the Afghan border on suspicions they were spying for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, intelligence officials said on Wednesday.

The decapitated bodies of an Afghan refugee and a Pakistan tribesman were found dumped by the road near Miranshah, the main town of the North Waziristan region.

Hand-written notes were lying near both bodies, saying they were killed because they were "U.S. spies".

"Those spying for the Americans will have a similar fate," ones of the notes said.
Such lovely people.

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