Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taser Boy a Ron Paul Supporter?

It makes perfect sense.

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Andrew Meyer Supports Ron Paul: Your Thoughts on Tasered Student?
You may have read recently of the unfortunate student, Andrew Mayer, who was tasered at a recent John Kerry event. Reports are claiming that the Florida student was a Ron Paul supporter, which is quite intriguing in that both have been stopped from broadcasting their opinions through the media in some way.

I feel as though people should be allowed to voice their opinions and support whomsoever they wish as long as it’s non-offensive.

As the student was being arrested, he yelled, “There are people that know I’m here. You can’t do things like that.”

“Oh my God. You’re giving me to the government. They’re giving me to the government. They’re giving me to the government.”

He then asked, “Can I get my camera back please?” That’s right. Andrew Meyer had a cameraman to film and upload his huge moment onto YouTube.

While reading through the myriad of comments about the incident many people across the web agree in saying that his speech was being hidden or “shut down” - “just like Ron Paul.”

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