Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blithering Baldwin Babbles Incoherently

You can almost see the veins popping and the furious rage as this political moron spews his bilge.

I hope his poor daughter wasn't around while he was banging out this lunacy.

It's a totally incoherent rant, which begs a simple question.

What the hell is this idiot babbling about?
This country is in the worst condition I have ever seen. We are faced with problems that will destroy both this country and the world's environment if we stay the course that the GOP has piloted since 1980. A course that rapes the land, plunges our nation deeper into debt, crushes any hope of real and effective oversight of industry by government regulators, maintains a permanent underclass in our ranks and abroad, denies health care, denies education, prosecutes and imprisons the powerless, kills American men and women needlessly in a trumped-up war, allows fanatical US Christian conservatives to demand a war for oil, rebukes honest and empirically substantiated scientific discoveries and kills innocent Iraqis by the hundreds of thousands in pursuit of the Bush family's sick agenda in the Middle East.

This course must be altered, and drastically so, or we will see the twilight of our great country in my lifetime. More importantly, it can be altered in the next election if we are rational. Brave and rational. We must take risks in the name of American democracy. Risk that someone with a new idea might really be on to something. That is why this is Hell. The answers are there. But our leaders are ignoring them. At times, they are not only ignoring them, they are hiding them from us, willfully and maliciously.
Naturally, the peanut gallery laps it up.
SensibleAmerican (See profile | I'm a fan of SensibleAmerican)
So true but not surprising. Just look at the track record! Bush failed twice as an oil businessman. His first business was helped set up by one of the Bin Ladens! His academic record is below average and so is his IQ!
He was way down on the waiting list in the National Guard but his father helped jump up 900 or so names to get in. Then he was AWOL for 6 months
Till the age of 40, his best memories are blackouts! His baseball franchise in Texas was a disaster. His governorship in Texas was mediocre and very little was accomplished
Then he rigged 2000 and was selected by the Supreme Court

oafishcad (See profile | I'm a fan of oafishcad)
As a Christian myself, I've never gotten how the policies of let the sick die, keep the poor poor, give everything to the rich, destroy the environment, exclude the homosexual, destroy the environment and all the other bottom line policies of the Republican party is more Christian. Conservatives support Christianity without the teachings of Christ, just as they say they're the patriots, then trash the Constitution.
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KittyHegemann (See profile | I'm a fan of KittyHegemann)
Good post Alec. By the way, George W. Bush has never been elected as President of the US. The NYT researched the Florida vote and Gore won by any accounting. We know Ohio was stolen and gave Bush the 2004 election. Bush has NEVER won. However, when the Congress accepted the voting of the Electoral College, Bush was and is the President. Impeach Bush and that SOB Cheney.
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esquire07 (See profile | I'm a fan of esquire07)
Acceptance Alec.

America is a failing Empire. Imperial History repeats itself over and over. Just a matter of time before bankruptcy, depression, major riots and martial law take over the nation.

Nuclear detonations are quite likely - the ruling class owns the bombs, the ruling class will detonate the bombs to maintain power. Two or three US cities - blame Iran. Its gonna get messy.

The Environment is fine - Earth will be fine. Humans will wind up extinct, but the Earth and the Environment - in whatever form will go on.

Other Empires have come and gone, but the United States will be the one empire that destroyed itself and helped contribute most to the extinction of the Human race.

Acceptance. United States is done. Humans - almost done. Earth/Environemnt - gonna be just fine.
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