Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hapless Hillary Panders Door-to-Door

Sorry, lady, Halloween was six weeks ago

How humiliating it must be for this imperious, insufferable woman being reduced to going door-to-door trying to scare up votes.

Why, she was just going to be coronated and not have to deal with the little people.

Then reality set in. She's just not likable.
Hillary Clinton went door-to-door in freezing New Hampshire on Saturday, asking for support in the early voting state where her once-huge lead in the Democratic presidential primary race has melted away.

The New York senator knocked on doors along a snow-covered block of Manchester, less than a month before the crucial January 8 New Hampshire primary, the second binding contest of the 2008 presidential campaign.

"I'd be honored to have your support," Clinton said on the front porch of Mike Glickstein, a Manchester resident.

Glickstein, a 38-year-old maintenance worker whose beagle howled incessantly as he spoke to the former first lady, said he had intended to vote for Clinton already.
Even dogs can't stand her, apparently.

Doesn't she look thrilled to be there?

Here she goes for a stroll. Probably the first time in her life she actually had to walk on ice.

If I fall down, there will be hell to pay!

On the upside, if she slips and falls, John Edwards can swoop in and sue someone.

A woman so icy should be used to this by now

UPDATE: Don Surber links. Thanks!

He's much more compassionate than I am.

UPDATE II: Hot Air links. Thanks!

UPDATE III: Thanks also to Doug Ross for the link. Monday morning Matt Drudge put up the second photo above for all the world to see.

UPDATE IV: The most significant photo of 2007...?

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