Saturday, December 08, 2007

Unqualified Beclowning

When you write something stupid and try to match wits with Mark Steyn, the results are not pretty.
Hello, Mr Henley? Anybody home in there? Those are quotation marks, because they're someone else's words - not the blatant racism of the racist douchebag Steyn but of a prominent Scandinavian imam. It's tempting to say to Jim Henley, "Douchebag, douche thyself", and leave it at that. However, in an attempt to divine his thinking on the subject, I'd like to ask him this:

What is it precisely about this statement that makes it "blatantly racist"? That a Euro-Muslim imam uttered the words? Or that an "Anglo American" (if I can be said to count as such) was culturally insensitive enough to reveal the mullah's words to a wider audience? Is the problem Krekar's "frank bigotry", or "Anglo Americans" boorish enough to let the cat out the bag?

Or, if that's too much for him, perhaps he could at least issue a clarification.
Go check out the comments in the first link. Priceless.

H/T: Hot Air.

UPDATE: The idiot finally realized his mistake.
UPDATE: I see I made an embarrassing mistake in attribution in the original text of this piece. That was my error, careless on my part, and I apologize for it. I stand by the rest of what I wrote.
Weak. So I guess he'll still consider Steyn a racist douchebag but offer no evidence to make his case.


UPDATE II: LGF checks in. This is going to be fun.

UPDATE III: Remarkably, he's come back for more abuse.
Right now I and my new friends who follow links from NRO appear to have a major disagreement about how central the misattributed quote was to that blog entry specifically, and my claim that Steyn is a racist more generally. This merits another visit on my part. At the moment, though, I’m simply embarrassed by my mistake, so that will come later.
What an idiot.

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