Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crackpot Director: Abu Ghraib 'Perhaps the Major News Event of our Time'

I guess this may well be true in the far-left fever swamps or for those whose sole source of information is the New York Times.

Seriously, though, this guy really needs to step back and look at the atrocities that occur in this world on a daily basis. Nonstop acts of murder by Muslim fanatics going on for several decades now, the killing fields in southeast Asia, genocide in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa, the list can go on.

But some moron with an axe to grind thinks an isolated incident in a hellhole prison in Iraq is the major news event of our time.

Good grief, take a pill and STFU already.

He'd also like to "see a lot of people in the administration indicted," yet cannot offer a coherent thought why or even who it is that should be indicted.

Anyway, this loser has his silly film debuting at the Berlin International Film Festival and will probably say anything for attention.

I have no doubt this dreck will quickly go the way of Redacted and the rest of the garbage the anti-war left continues to churn out.

An amusing question is raised about possible censorship of the film, as if the administration would waste a second of their time trying to censor films nobody is going to see.

What probably irks Errol Morris and the rest of his ilk more than anything is they're irrelevant and George W. Bush doesn't care what they think, nor should he.

He has far more important things to worry about than some narcissistic twit like Morris.

Update: Reader Tom had some interesting comments about Morris, so to be fair, here's a Wikipedia bio page on Morris and his background. His association with the discredited (as well as a donation to them)is enough to raise my suspicions of him. I'm not questioning his artistic ability, as I'm not a film-maker, but I simply find the Abu Ghraib subject rather tiresome and blown way out of all proportion.

Update II: Hot Air links. Thanks!

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