Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After Nuking Iran, Hillary Plans to Get Teeth Fixed

OK, so now she's reduced to using the Osama card and promising to obliterate Iran were they to ever attack Israel.

Can we call her a warmonger yet?
"Totally obliterate?" Good grief. There is no honesty coming from either Hillary or Obama these days, but this programmed remark is as contemptuous of the voters as 'Bama's "bittergate" blooper. Hillary is trying to sound like a Neanderthal about nukes, presumably because that's what she thinks will appeal to the God, guns, and beer guzzling folk buried deep in those small towns. It is a clear signal of her contempt for Americans who are serious about national security.

Liberals keep doing these weird things -- which tell us a lot more about their fantasy life than anything else. It was John Kerry who saluted the quarterdeck of the Democrat convention in 2004 and made millions of Americans cringe with embarassment at his phony "Reporting for duty!" This from a guy who spent all of three months in 'Nam, taking home movies of himself stalking the VC through the tall grass. It was a revolting parody of real combat veterans, who just don't act like fools when it comes to serious matters. Only a Democrat could take Kerry's act seriously as a credible way to impress voters. Mr. Kerry "swiftboated" himself just as he was trying to sound tough, and good riddance, too.
Anyway, considering she and her husband have raked in $109 million the past seven years, isn't it time for a makeover? Hate to be shallow here, but seriously, the woman needs to visit the dentist ASAP. I'll eschew any suggestions about her weight and ill-fitting pantsuits for now, but if I have to look at any more photos of those bad teeth, I may get ill.

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