Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Damn Yankees have highest rates for drunk drivers, Y'all

The upper Midwest has the worst drunken driving rates in the country, according to a government report that says 15 percent of adult drivers nationally report driving under the influence of alcohol in the previous year.

Wisconsin leads the way. The federal government estimates more than a quarter of the state's adult drivers had driven under the influence. Rounding out the worst five are North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Must suck to live in a blue state. Wisconsin and Minnesota are both very liberal states and apparently trying to drink their blues away.
Meanwhile those people that 'cling to their guns and religion" come in with the lowest rates.
Following closely behind were a slew of Southern states that often fare poorly when it comes to government health statistics. This time, however, they're serving as models. West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and North Carolina all had drunken driving rates for the prior year of less than 11 percent.

And the news just gets worse for those of you that live in liberal states.
The federal government also released estimates of driving under the influence of illicit drugs. The rates were highest in the District of Columbia, 7 percent; Rhode Island, 6.8 percent; and Massachusetts, 6.4 percent.

So y'all just keep your elitist, blue nose, arrogant attitudes and us rednecks will continue to cling to our guns and religion.
And you wonder how people like Kerry, Feingold, and Kennedy continue to get elected. The voters are drunk or stoned, which I guess you would have to be to vote for them.
Oh yeah and don't forget to share the road.

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