Monday, April 21, 2008

Wiping Back Tears, Clinton Cites Toughness

Excuse me, but didn't we just go through several bouts of tears on the campaign trail with this woman?

We're supposed to pretend the crying never happened and all of a sudden she's Rambo?
Pushing for a strong win to keep her White House hopes alive, Democrat Hillary Clinton touted her toughness on Monday ahead of a showdown with presidential rival Barack Obama in Pennsylvania.

Clinton, favored to win Tuesday's contest, needs a big margin of victory to boost her chances of catching Obama in the Democratic race and to head off renewed calls to end her candidacy.

"We need to really bear down. The last day is here, and the entire world is watching," Clinton told a rally in the blue-collar city of Scranton, where her father grew up. "What's important today and tomorrow is that we turn out the vote."
OK, so she wasn't crying. Which, of course, is just a reminder that was all an act.

Anyway, things are getting desperate in double-wide Pantsuit-land, so now she's playing the bin Laden card.
Clinton, a New York senator and former first lady, launched a television ad stressing her ability to handle "the toughest job in the world" and featuring images of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and damage from Hurricane Katrina.
No idea what Katrina has to do with anything.

As for bin Laden, she might want to watch playing that terrorist card.

It could backfire.

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