Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Punchdrunk Rather Proceeds With Lawsuit

Dan Rather, the Mountain Rivera of television news, is trying to get another bite at the apple with his lawsuit against SeeBS. After having most of his original lawsuit laughed out of court, he is repleading the case. I love it when moonbats sue moonbats.
Former "CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather was back in court Tuesday asking for a second chance at claims against the network that a judge dismissed April 10.

Rather and his lawyer, Martin Gold, argued that they should be able to submit an amended complaint "to replead the legal claims that were dismissed" by New York judge Ira Gammerman.

Gold said the court would entertain the motion; CBS News' attorney Jim Quinn said the judge had significantly limited discovery.
The bottom line is Rather does not think it's his fault that he went with a story based on the now famous phony TANG memos in an effort to damage President Bush prior to the 2004 elections. Rather lost his job as part of the fallout from that journalistic disaster and is suing CBS for breach of contract.

But the money quote is this:
"Soon we'll have those who were in a position to know what happened with their right hands up in the air," Rather said. "That is when hopefully we will get the truth, which is all I ever wanted."
Hey Rather, you have never been interested in the truth. You have spent the last 40 years whoring your position as a journalist out to every leftwing cause that came down the road. You're the same guy who has supported various leftwing fundraising functions. You're the same guy who went with the TANG story even after your own hired experts tried to warn you off the story because the documents appeared to be phony. You're the same guy who then had to admit that the documents were not verifiable and tried to blame your source, again after you had been warned off the story by your own hired experts. You're the same guy who then went with the "fake but accurate" line to justify your attempt to influence a national election in the favor of the Democrats with false documents. You're the same guy who became the icon of "agenda based journalism" as a shameless shill for the Democratic party. You're the same guy who's name has become the standard punchline for jokes about shoddy journalism.

And then you have the gall to say all you are interested in is the truth. I can't wait for the CBS attorneys to get you on the stand.

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