Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic Relief: Ron Paul Surges in Pennsylvania

The Only Man Who Can Save America is on a roll. As most of the attention in Pennsylvania focused on the Democrat primary won by Mrs. Clinton over Waffles Obama, nobody seemed to notice the Ron Paul Express rolling to a whopping 16% of the GOP vote.

Naturally this mean absolutely nothing, except to the Ron Paul Kooks.

Seems the LA Times is having some mischievous fun with the Paultards, and they eagerly take the bait.
Two things will moderate joy in the Paul camp. One, Huckabee suspended his campaign and stopped campaigning weeks ago. Yet, he's still getting 12%. And second, McCain is capturing 73% of the GOP vote -- which was apparently reduced by some thousands of Republicans who changed their registration to vote Democratic for Clinton, as ordered by their leader, Rush Limbaugh, to promote further prolonged feuding among Democrats.

On the other hand, Paul will point out, McCain has already won the party's top ticket spot and yet is drawing only 3 out of 4 Republican ballots.

(UPDATE: With 98% of Pennsylvania's 9,268 precincts reporting Rep. Paul has narrowed the lead of Sen. McCain by 1%, to just 57 points. Paul captured 125,204 votes or 16% to McCain's 570,188 or 73%. Mike Huckabee trails both with 89,344 or 11%.
Comedy gold in the comments.
Ron Paul baby! 16% in PA!! This is strong victory for us Ron Paul supporters. PA beat out CA in total number of votes for Ron Paul without any media coverage. Plus we are having delegate success that should at the very least, embarrass McCain and the rest of the country club Gop'ers. Here in DC I get exposed to the some of the National GOP Committee people and they think Ron is a nobody!! But little do they know that a whole movement is growing, let's take back GOP!!!!!! Limited Government, low Taxes, and a strong national defense!

Posted by: Steve | April 22, 2008 at 11:16 PM
This one if waiting for the November convention.
I just want to see RP speak at the Nov convention and show the idiot Republicans what foolish people they are, before they get their heads handed to them by the democrats.

We got a hardcore socialist future ahead of us.

Posted by: RPismyPrez | April 22, 2008 at 09:25 PM
More Paul drivel via The Nation, of all places.

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