Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Drivers in Iran Face Flogging

I have to admit, I've had dark fantasies approaching this after one of those stretches where you're following some putz yammering on the cellphone while tooling along in the fast lane doing 55. Or for those morons who feel it's alright to tailgate from a foot behind you.

Nothing serious, just public beatings at highway rest areas and toll plazas. Just to get the message across.

Well, lo and behold, the Iranians are now implementing such a plan.
Dangerous drivers in Iran face being flogged under a tough new law that comes into effect next month.

Traffic chiefs hope the draconian measures will help reduce the bloodshed on Iran's highways, which are among the world's most dangerous.

Road accidents have claimed at least 100,000 lives in the past five years.

"Drivers who commit dangerous acts will be referred to court for harming public order and the court can sentence violators to three months to a year in jail or 74 lashes," said Iran's traffic police chief, Mohammad Rouyanian.

The Iranian authorities have until now penalised bad drivers with a fine, seizing their driving licence or confiscating their vehicles.

The congested roads in Tehran, Iran's sprawling capital of 12 million people, are especially notorious.

Few motorists bother with seat belts and few motorcyclists wear crash helmets.

Despite surveillance cameras and police patrols, drivers often speed and overtake on the wrong side of the road. Recklessness, speeding and road unworthy vehicles account for most accidents.

Drink driving is less of a problem because alcohol is forbidden in the Islamic Republic, although it is available on the black market.
I wonder if they have any gay drivers there?

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