Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lame Photo Op of the Day: Hillary Visits a Gas Station Accompanied by Six Gas-Guzzling, Taxpayer-Funded Suburbans

Wow, is this ever cheesy.

Naturally, AP dutifully laps it up as if they've writing a press release for Mrs. Clinton, who probably hasn't set foot at a gas station in 25 years.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former first lady who hasn't driven a car or pumped gas in many years because of Secret Service restrictions, joined a blue-collar worker at a filling station Wednesday to illustrate how the high price of gasoline is squeezing consumers.

The Democratic presidential candidate and sheet metal worker Jason Wilfing, 33, pulled into the station in a large white Ford 250 pickup truck, Clinton riding shotgun. Never mind that it wasn't even Wilfing's truck — he had borrowed his boss's larger vehicle to accommodate Clinton's security agent and personal assistant, who rode in the back.

Trailing Wilfing and Clinton was a Secret Service motorcade consisting of six gas-guzzling Suburbans, two squad cars and a green SUV bearing photographers and TV cameras. Several other reporters and cameramen stood shivering in unseasonably cold temperatures, ready to capture the multi-vehicle arrival.
No mention was made of the fact the price of gas has doubled since Democrats have controlled the House and Senate.
The tank filled, Clinton looked at the price recorded at the pump and shook her head.

"Sixty-three dollars," she said. "For just about half a tank."

Shutters clicked, cameras whirred. Point made.
What point? That she travels around with six gas-guzzling Suburbans at taxpayer expense? That despite it being April 30 reporters were shivering?

That the AP reporter is a willing dupe for a lame photo-op?

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