Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Profess a View That Global Warming is a Hoax and Lose your Job

Or at least Dr William Gray of Colorado State University is being sent that message.

A pioneering expert on hurricane forecasting says he may soon lose funding due to his skepticism about man-made global warming, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

Dr. William Gray, who once said that pro-global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children," claims that Colorado State University will no longer promote his yearly North Atlantic hurricane forecasts due to his controversial views.
The Gore-bots who are acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy at the trough of the Global Warming hysteria act like all good little liberals when they run into an opinion or facts that run counter to their gospel, they attempt to silence it.

While parts of the country are still covered in inches of the white global warming stuff here late into April those diehard, sold-their-souls to the apostle Al Gore and worship on the altar of Global Warming are finding it harder and harder to support their position or their cause. They have tried to link global warming to everything from male urinary disease to missing honey bees in the Arctic and each time the arguments get shot full of holes.

Gore, on the other hand, is making out quite well as the possibly the first American Vice President to successfully hoodwink an entire world and earn millions in the process. Between setting up businesses which sell "Carbon Credits" to speaking engagements and numerous awards, I would love to see his 2008 tax returns. He is probably in a position to rival Bill Gates in the wealth category.

Do I think there is climate change? Well, duhhhh, there always has been. Ask any geologists or anthropologist and they will confirm that. Do I think man is the root of evil when it comes to changing weather patterns on the planet? No. You are ascribing far more power to humans then they should be given credit for.

I do believe this whole climate change, global warming, enviro-wacko stuff has turned into mass hysteria for many of the feeble-minded and others anxious to be able to tie they favorite cause to it in an attempt to gain some sort of credibility.

People, snap out of it. The world ain't going to end tomorrow, and when it does, I doubt very seriously humans are going to have an impact one way or the other.

Besides, the Mayans give us until December 2012.

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