Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friends of Jimmy Carter Plan to Storm Israel Border

The last time they tried this stunt it didn't quite work out as planned. Now since they've been given the Jimmy Carter seal of approval, they figure they can get away with anything.

I'd advise the border guards to shoot to kill, but some might be offended.

In that case, use rubber bullets.

The Hamas organization issued notices on Wednesday calling upon the public in the Gaza Strip to arrive en masse at the crossings on the border with Israel after Friday prayers. According to the notices, the purpose of this mass demonstration is to break the blockade imposed by Israel on all the Gaza border crossings when Hamas seized control over the Strip last June. The demonstrators are not expected to attempt to break down the barriers at the crossing, as was the case in January, when Hamas militants blew holes in the border barrier separating the Gaza Strip and Egypt. However, some violent clashes are expected.

It appears that Hamas is trying to erase from memory the failed anti-Israel demonstrations in February, in which Hamas was planning to create a human chain made up of 40,000 children that was to cross Gaza from north to south. Ultimately, the residents of the Strip did not heed Hamas' calls and the demonstrations, hailed in advance as massive, yielded a disappointing turnout.

The announced border marches will take place two days after Israel renewed the supply of fuel to the Strip, after having cut off the supply following a terror attack at a border crossing last week. On Wednesday, Israel resumed piping industrial diesel fuel to the Palestinian side of the Nahal Oz fuel depot, transferring to the Gaza Strip about a million liters, enough to operate Gaza's power plant for at least three days.

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