Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Al Sadr Disowned by His Family, Awaits His Fate

Found this article over at the Mudville Gazette. Apparently Alsadar, that is how they spell it, is fed up with Muqtada and have publicly disowned him. Not only have they disowned him they are considering what actions to take.
Iraq’s Josef Alsadar said that Muqtada Alsadar has tainted our family reputation; we will deal with him internally.
By going public, it comes with some risks, as the editor at the newspaper which carried the letter points out.
Alrafidain has published this news after it consulted with Josef Alsadar, and expressed its concern that publishing his letter may threaten his life or safety. The news agency reminded him of the assassination of Said Riadh Alnoori some days earlier. He was assassinated after he wrote Muqtada a letter asking him to dissolve the Mehdi Army. Alseyed Josef insisted we publish his letter against all threats.

Maybe the end is finally coming for this scourge on the coalition and the Iraqi government's backside.

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