Wednesday, April 23, 2008

William Russell Back in the Race

Received via email.
William Russell, a retired LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) U S Army who is running for Congress in Murtha's district is back on the ballot in Pennsylvania. He was taken off the ballot earlier because a court ruled that he did not have enough required signatures on his petition when he originally decided to jump in the race. To get back on the ballot the voters in this recent primary had to write in his name. The Pennsylvanians came through for him.

According to the partial returns he has 1607 4700 votes so far according to National Review. He needed a thousand. Unless Jack Murtha can find some other way to get him disqualified Jack, no friend of the Marines, Murtha will have a Republican opponent this time.

Can Mr Russell beat Murtha? That remains to be seen, but if some sort of throw out the incumbents movement sweeps the nation he has a chance. I would hope the people of Pennsylvania are tired of being embarrassed by this Nancy Pelosi butt kissing clown.

Maybe the people of Pennsylvania thought Obama was elitist, maybe not, but what is certain is that Jack Murtha needs to be handed his walking papers. His words and actions in congress inspired the enemy and account for them continuing the fight longer then they might have otherwise, meaning he caused the deaths and causalities of more service members.

So from a guy in Georgia to the folks in Pennsylvania in this congressional district, please send Murtha packing to the old folks home he has earned. Hell it probably even has his name on it bought and paid for by the US taxpayers.

Others veterans running for congress on the Republican ticket can be found here.

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