Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why is Hillary Passing on North Carolina?

Why is Hillary giving up on North Carolina? It would seem to me that somebody that is trying to make the case that she is electable would want to head to NC and try to blunt any further gains that would be made by Obama. The most common reason given is because of the percentage of voters who are black. Those pearls of wisdom are coming from Democratic strategists. So is it written in stone that if your skin color is dark that you are required by law or some sort of primal instinct to vote for the candidate who most looks like you? Who is playing the race card now?

Even if Hillary can't win, which isn't totally out of the question, and may even point to further disconnect between the elite Dems and the more common folks in this country, why doesn't she at least show up to put up a fight? Isn't she accusing Barack of not being able to handle the heat? It seems to be poor way to drive this point home by cutting and running, but of course this seems to be the only thing the Dems are good at in all matters except trying to seize the power of the White House. It is just another contradiction in a long list of contradictions relating to the Dems. Cut and run in Iraq, bomb the snot out of Iran or invade Pakistan, and refuse to give up on a campaign that pundits are saying is lost.

If she really felt this fight is not over why isn't she fighting then to derail the Obama train?

Sometimes there is just no figuring out the liberal mind. Of course she is also of the mindset that the presidency is "owed" to her and therefore may even harbor dreams that if she can just get this thing to the convention they will hand it to her. Of course if it goes that far and they do give the nod to her, Denver will probably be burning for days.

Meanwhile the people of NC have every right to feel snubbed and I hope come general election time they will remember this and vote for McCain.

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