Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh, Now They Tell Us: Global Warming Could Stop Naturally Within 10 Years

Not that I ever bought into the scam to begin with.
Global warming may stop over the next decade because of natural climate cooling, scientists now claim.

German scientists behind the study have warned Governments looking to save money not to use it as an excuse to cut back on preventative action.

Noel Keenlyside, a climate researcher at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences in Germany who led the study, said: "The natural variations change climate on this timescale and policy makers may either think mitigation is working or that there is no global warming at all."

Climate researchers have long predicted more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would spur a general warming trend over the next 100 years.

But the latest research study in the journal Nature claim natural variations will overwhelm any human warming effects in the short-term.

The German team made a computer model that takes into account natural phenomena such as sea surface temperatures and ocean circulation patterns.

They checked their work by producing a set of forecasts using data recorded over the past 50 years and found the retrospective forecasts were accurate.

Mr Keenlyside said: "This is important because policies are made in the short term.

"Our results show we might not have as much change in climate over the next 10 years."
The incredibly wealthy noted climatologist Algore was unavailable for comment.

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